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A picture's worth a thousand words. This picture is actually rather famous. It's called, "Kissing the War Goodbye". It was photographed on August 14th, 1945. Though the picture depcits a couple in love, what we are actually looking at is an enthusiastic sailor - celebrating the end of the war on Japan with the nearest nurse he could find. He simply grabbed her and kissed her, and she obliged. So, although in itself this image is rather alluring, the story behind the picture actually has less depth than the picture itself. My point? Couldn't…
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Lie to me.

All the SINGLE Ladies!!!! My heart is pounding! Gotta talk to ya! Gotta love on ya! Passion running hot and high right now! So bear with me in this embraceits gonna be tight! Theres a battle goin on, Girls. A very real Spiritual battle and I wanted you to see it hear it for yourselves and maybe even from the safe distance where you now sit - by the words you realize as you read them maybe you might sense the very real and choking death grip of the Enemy. See the Violater may not strike hard and fast so that you will immediately feel the…
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Forgive or Forget Him

Question: Laura, This question is probably not one you are used to. If I thought I could find the answer in a relationship book I would have already because I've read like 30 Christian relationship books so this one is not typical. I have lived a pure life for the past 4 years, never has sex and gave that area of my life completely to God 4 years ago when I was 17. I changed from reading romance novels and watching chick flicks to eliminating most movies and reading Christian relationship books instead. I wanted to know Gods way and follow…
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Psalm 119 Together

Hey Sweet Friend! Before I begin reading, I pray, and thank God for what He has for me to learn. I ask Him to help me really get it. He knows our heart. Like Jesus with the Samaritan woman at the well. He knew her heart was dry and why it was. She was clueless to why she was so thirsty. He knew. He called it out, and it didnt send her away from Him in shame. He actually drew her to Himself true life in Him. So I ask God teach my heart, because only you really know it. He is so faithful! Thank Him for His help as you read His Book, and…
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sexual abuse.

Question: If sex, as well as sexual acts, are supposed to be kept in the sanctity of marriage, then why does God allow for sexual abuse to happen? Reply: Hi, my friend. Thank you for writing to me, and thank you for waiting for my reply. Im wondering if what you are really asking is, why does God let bad things happen if He is a good God. Could that be the answer you are searching for? Perhaps you have been the victim of sexual abuse, and so you are wondering where God was in the midst of what happened to you. Or perhaps you are well…
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Twenty-Two. And Single

Question: I'm 22 and I have never once been on date, which I am quite fine with. I also know that there are a number of other girls my age in the same position. However, I desperately want to get married and have a family of my own at some point, and now I'd like it to be, sooner rather than later. Now, I've grown up in the church my entire life and became a Christian at 12, and whenever I've voiced my question before, I've received answers like "well, patience is a virtue" and "that's OK. God's just preparing a really godly man for you." At…
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to break or not to break.

Question: My boyfriend and I are thinking about taking a break to focus more on God. How should we do this? Can we still encourage each other with a text once in awhile? Can we still chat when we see each other at a party or Vintage? We did not put a time frame on this break but we are both hoping that God will bring us back; both of us understand He might not if thats not our best plan. Should we put a time frame on this? We are both confused and just want to do what God wants. Reply: Hey, thanks for your question. I realize this is very…
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Living with Him

Question: Is it okay to live together before you get married? Reply: Hi! Thanks for writing to me! I have been praying about this answer, and I am grateful for you! Thank you for this opportunity to think through Gods Word and His love for us. Im excited to share what I have been learning! Lets think through this and please, let me know your thoughts, about what I share with you. If you have any questions about anything I say, if you feel like Ive not mentioned any concern or thought you had please, let me know. Im grateful you are…
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Who Satisfies

Question: Im single, and dating, and tempted to have sex. Is it wrong for me to masturbate to help me with my insatiable desire? Reply: Thank you for asking this question. I want you to know I am asked this question a lot and it is always expressed through tear-filled eyes and with much guilt and remorse. You might say that is because I am around young women who are pursuing Christ, but if I were talking to women outside that arena there would be no tears or guilt rather quite the opposite. Youre absolutely right. The closer we get to…
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Question: Hey Laura, I am looking for some advice about my relationship with my boyfriend. We have been dating for a few years and I have really enjoyed the time that I have spent with him and have been blessed by our relationship in many ways. In the beginning of our relationship we made a lot of mistakes both emotionally and physically, and we have had great victories in overcoming many of these with God's help of course, and the help of our loving parents. My question is about the physical mistakes that we made; we never had sex but we…
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