Beauty and the Beach

Question:I have a question for you. I like to hang out with my boyfriend and my friends together at the pool or at the beach. Do you think its a bad idea to wear a bikini around my boyfriend?Reply:Hey! Thanks for the question. I appreciate you hitting a hard topic. What to wear as a woman who loves God, and one who wants to honor Him and be a blessing to others is not a subject you will read about in any issue of In Style Magazine ever. However, you can be poolside, and not have to be out of style or in Little Orphan Annies dress. I dont…
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Spiritual Leader

Laura,My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years and have seriously been talking about marriage. I am wondering what exactly a spiritual leaders looks like. My boyfriend leads prayer and devotionals in our relationship, but is there more? I want to make sure that my boyfriend will definitely be the spiritual leader God wants him to be in our marriage. Thanks so much!Reply:What does a spiritual leader look like? Wow! Great question! However my answer, well, its very Sunday school I guess. One thing comes to mind Jesus. He is our model…
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Fighting Fire with Fire

Laura, I wanted to ask you a question. Ive been reading all the things you wrote on Vintage View and I thought maybe you could be a help to me. I feel like Im never going to find that right person, or maybe Im supposed to be single. Honestly I do not want to be single. Iam young, but I want to be able to have the wonderful Christian marriage my parents have. I have been noticing that this has been pulling me away from my walk with the Lord. I do not know exactly how to go about dealing with this.Thank you.Love in ChristReply:Hey! Thanks for…
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The Bachelor Party and Your Boyfriend

Question:My boyfriend recently told me that one of his friends from college, who is going into the army, is getting married. His bachelor party is soon, and he heard there may be strippers at this event. Would it be controlling, or would I be a possessive girlfriend if I asked him not to go? He says he just wants to see his friends before they all move away and graduate and I am really upset at the thought of this.Reply:Hey! Thanks for your question. I hope this party has not already taken place, and if it has, I hope your boyfriend did not…
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Hold Please

Question:When living in a microwave generation, its not always easy to listen to God when he says, wait. Its hard enough waiting on the other end of the phone during a call waiting conversation, so what am I supposed to do when Jesus tells me to have patience for something. Especiallywhen it feels like Ive already been pushed to my limits. Is my life going to stay on hold forever???Reply:Wow, girl, where do I begin? I think I have started and stopped this reply five times now. I have so much to say, but I want to choose these words so…
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You Had Me at Hello

Question: When do you tell a guy how you feel about him? And what would you say exactly? Answer: I love this question! This reminds me of Jerry McGuire. Did you see that movie? Remember how the girl, played by Renee Zellweger, started going on and on to her sisterabout how she loved Jerry? She didnt even realize he was there! Disaster! He overheard her, and of course it freaked him out! Those raw emotions would freak any guy outinitially. Because then, after he realizes that he does love her, he has to pursue her! He has to come profess his…
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Temptation and Your Boyfriend

Question:Laura,A few months ago, I found out that my boyfriend, who is a believer in Christ, was struggling with porn on the internet. For these past several months however, it has not been going on. He still faces temptation and I hate the fact that he is tempted to look at other girls. I feel like we cant even go to the movies together without me wondering whats going on in his head. And I know that Im supposed to forgive and move on,but how can I move on if things are still a temptation for him? How am I supposed to deal with all of this?…
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One Voice

Hey, Ladies! Welcome to the Vintage View for Girls! Together, in this forum, we will process what we learn and live out from Gods Word - concerning dating and marriage relationships. I am so excited about this opportunity!The emails that I have received during this pastrelationship series have been so inciteful,full of Truth and life-changinglessons, but I and the individual writer have been the only ones able to benefit from thelearning journey.With Vintage View for Girls, we can all listen to one another and benefit from the lessons that God…
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