.is purity really worth it?

This entry was sent to me by a friend of mine and I was blown away by the shear rawness and clarity with which he stakes a claim for purity for us guys. He first lists 25 reasons that purity is worth it, posing a set of three questions that we can ask for each issue. He then shares his journal entry from the day he considered Reason #8. Enjoy. ================================ There are three main factors that draw people into the Internet porn: Accessibility, Affordability, and Anonymity. Like a three-legged stool: kick out…
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My boyfriend and I were talking about the topic of masturbation, and that the world says its totally natural and even good, but the church says its not. Does scripture directly deal with this issue? If you look up masturbation on-line, you will find very different opinions. Some think that all masturbation is just fine; others think that the more the better; still others think it is pure evil. But, lets be very careful about how we sift this topic through the filter of Scripture and collectively agree to not lean on our own understanding…
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.the birds&bees talk

When you get married and start having kids, at what age is it generally safe and appropriate for christian parents to talk to their kids and educate them about sex (aka the birds the bees)? How should a christian parent pursue the subject of sex to their children? What should a christian do when their child asks where do babies come from? Rather than being able to reference you to a specific Scripture that talks about when to have the talk, there are a set of Biblical principles that you can think and pray through with respect to address…
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.wife standards

Im going into ministry to be a Pastor one day. Do you think I have to be even more careful about whoI marry because of my calling, as talked about in 2 Timothy,becauseshe will beheld to a higher standard? Pastors wives have a unique calling and can certainly be scrutinized more given their position next to their husbands. But you should not be more careful - you should be super careful already with who you spend the rest of your life with. It is not like you would lower your standards if you were not going into ministry, right? God knows…
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.daily lust

What do you do when you deal with lust all day every day but dont give into it but it wont go away either? Whew, you are not alone. For years I tried to wrestle against my lust by convincing myself that I was weird, strange, and just not wired right. But then I realized that my wiring is perfectly normal and part of Gods design of the male psyche. So, then my focused turned from trying to re-program myself into trying to harness my thought life and wiring towards beneficial objectives. As you know, lust is a powerful emotion men have…
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Ok, heres the deal. The purposeof thisis to dig into the truths about what God has called us to as guys, as sons, as brothers, as boyfriends, as fiancees, as husbands, as fathers....as men of God. At the core of these roles is relationships and at the core of relationships is purity and at the core of purity is Jesus. So, fire away any question or issue you may have about relationships and purity. Everything is fair game and there is no dumb question. Everything is anonymous. But only ask if you authentically want to hear the truth - because…
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