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.wife standards

I'm going into ministry to be a Pastor one day. Do you think I have to be even more careful about who I marry because of my calling, as talked about in 2 Timothy, because she will be held to a higher standard?

Pastors' wives have a unique calling and can certainly be scrutinized more given their position next to their husbands. But you should not be "more" careful - you should be super careful already with who you spend the rest of your life with. It is not like you would lower your standards if you were not going into ministry, right? God knows your heart for ministry and knows what kind of woman you need next to you as a pastor. It takes a very special woman and God will bring that kind of woman to you. And I am sure as part of the courtship in the relationship, your desire to be a pastor will be discussed. So she will know clearly your calling and will so also feel an equal calling to be part of that ministry with you. Let God do the qualification - but at the same time hold your standards high. You and your wife will be a ministry team, so it is critical to be very careful. But regardless of whether you are a pastor or not, you and your wife will be a ministry team in your marriage, in your neighborhood, at your jobs, and in your home.   I am not a pastor, but my wife and I are a team in ministry and are both held to a higher standard. So your standards should be maxed out regardless of your vocation.

Hope this helps - I am glad you thinking towards the standards that God has for your life....because He has high ones

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