The Difference #5

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eGroup Questions


Discussion Instructions for “The Difference” – Feb. 16, 2016

  1. Review the bold prayer from last week: “God, help me to feel for the world what You feel for the world.”Did anyone pray that this past week, and if so, what is happening in them and through them?

  2. Read through The Difference “Sharing Your Grace Story” week 5.

  3. Go around and have as many people as can share their grace story, starting with yourself. (Those that don’t get the chance will be able to do it next week at egroup).

  4. Talk through “One Step Further” on page 32.

  5. Spend some time praying by name for the people you are inviting to “Across The Table” March 1.


  6. Don’t forget to ask your group to write down “stories from The Difference” for the booklet we are putting together. We need these by next Tuesday. Awesome!